secret confession

I don’t drink milk. I’ll drink milkshakes. I’ll eat cheese. I just won’t drink milk. I quit drinking milk after my first child was born. I didn’t bother trying to understand why I just couldn’t bring myself to drink it any more. I just stopped drinking milk. Eighteen years later, I think it just dawned on me that I quit drinking milk when I was breastfeeding my child. It’s probably too late to work past whatever craziness in my head made me quit drinking milk, but it’s nice to realize the cause of this particular quirk.

I believe in breastfeeding. I breastfed each of my children for more than a year. I breastfed with one arm while pushing a grocery cart with the other arm. I would feed my baby anywhere, anytime. I wouldn’t hide in a bathroom to feed my baby. I refused schedules and breast pumps. I am so pro-breastfeeding, it is bizarre a glass of milk looks completely unappealing to me.

3 thoughts on “secret confession

  1. Yeah motherhood warps your brain.

    I had no problem with getting blood drawn before I had Damon. Afterwards I would always pass out when I thought about the circulatory system.

    I also developed serious issues with breastfeeding after I breastfed for 6 weeks (because I knew even then it was best for him to get the immunities and such). I hated it so much, hated the pain and feeling like a cow and waking up soaked in milk that the mere thought of breastfeeding now makes me nauseated. I think being 14/15 probably had something to do with it. I’ll tell you I am not popular amongst those breastfeeding nazi types. If I have a friend who is breastfeeding near me and can hear the baby suckling, I nearly vomit. It’s all in my head, I know it, but I am one of those people know who wants mothers to be discreet about breastfeeding in public, even though I realize it’s natural and a babies right to eat, and its my problem not theirs.

  2. After your experiences, you are entitled to a lot more issues than hating breastfeeding. I think you should have a second adolescence to make up for never having a first one. Start chewing gum incessantly and saying “like” and you know” in every sentence. 😉

  3. My kiddo was a formula-fed baby after the first three weeks. He started sprouting teeth, and I wasn’t up to the biting. Turned out to be a good thing, though – I hadn’t been producing enough milk for the poor little guy, and I didn’t even know it. At three weeks old, he started taking 8 ounces of formula every hour, 20+ hours a day. He was HUNGRY!

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