Overheard at the movies

“I wanna see UP.”
“Are we gonna see Transformers?”
“Can I go see THAT movie?”
“Why would they bother making THAT in 3-D?” – Okay, that was me.
“Where’s his guard uniform?”
“Can I have a flashlight like that?”
“Stop kicking that seat.” – Oops, that was me too.
“Who’s HE supposed to be?”
“I spilled my popcorn.”
“Look! It’s Oscar!”
“Have I been there?”
“I remember the airplanes and astronauts museum.”
“Look, it’s an Egyptian ATM.” – That was me again. I talk too much in movies.
“What’s second base?”
“Is that the same lady?”
“Did you hear what she said? It’s her. I think.”
“Squeeee! I KNEW it was the Jonas Brothers!”

“Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian” is not a movie I would choose if I was on a date with my husband, but if you have children along, you’ll enjoy the extra helping of sillies.

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