Answer: Because I am a Mom

Question: Why do you get so worked up about things that don’t affect you?

Why do you get so angry when people insist that who you love is a choice? Because it is no more a choice than if you are right handed or left handed. I spent half of a school year begging a teacher to let my obviously left handed child use his left hand to write while she adamantly refused and forced him to use his right hand. I will not quietly watch as other people’s children are told they should not allow themselves to use their left hand. I will not ignore as my children or their friends are faced with ignorance and prejudice. I do not have to tolerate your hate. Anecdotes to justify intolerance ring hollow in my ears. I get worked up about things because they do affect me. They affect me because I am a mother. I get worked up because I don’t want my children to have to fight.