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Remember last year, when we started seeing trailers for Up and it looked like a cute children’s cartoon? Those trailers were right and they were wrong. Unlike other Pixar cartoons that are made for children with a nod to the adults who accompany them, Up is a film for adults that is safe for children. Actually, sensitive children might finds parts of the movie too sad or scary. Sensitive adults will definitely want to bring tissues. The beginning of the movie rips your heart out and gives it a firm squeeze. The rest of the movie puts your heart back, gives it a shock to get it going again and condenses a year of psychotherapy into 60 minutes of cartoon. My parents are currently cleaning, organizing and getting rid of all their mementos so that they can die. Convincing them to see Up just moved to the top of my list of chores. If you haven’t seen Up yet, add it to your list.

One thought on “Go see Up

  1. We saw UP yesterday with friends for a birthday party. Both Abby and Elizabeth, I had hoped she’d sleep, did find parts of it scary. But Gabe loved it. I cried during a couple of scenes but that is not unusual for me. Overall, I really enjoyed the movie.

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