Concerts I missed

Several years ago, I posted a list of some of the concerts in my past just so that people could call me old. All the Bonnaroo chatter makes me think about the concerts that I wish I could have attended. So, alphabetically, I wish I could have been in the audience for:
David Byrne
Eric Clapton (with any of his many bands)
Leonard Cohen
Willie Nelson
Peter Gabriel
Rolling Stones
Todd Rundgren
Sly & The Family Stone
Tears for Fears
Neil Young

5 thoughts on “Concerts I missed

  1. have seen some of this list but U2 & NIN are still on my list too. It is such a shame I would rather have bamboo stuck under my fingernails than go to Bonnaroo because every year there are so many folks I really want to see live

  2. Couldn’t you convince your employer to send you to concerts to make noise for them on Twitter, Facebook, etc?

  3. Great list!

    Just to make you jealous, I once saw Meatloaf. Mr. Loaf was playing a free concert and we weren’t even there to see him, but the opening band, but it was one of those downtown things in Dallas and by the time our band had left the stage there was no way we could get through the massive crowd to leave. So we watched, it was great.

    Also, I saw the Stones (“Emotional Rescue” tour) but was so wasted I don’t really remember much. ‘Cept it was raining. Yeah, outdoors.

    I live two hours from Willie’s Austin, TX but have never seen him in concert. That I remember.

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