The Redbox Loophole

Everything about Scientology bothers me, but nothing is quite as irritating as Tom Cruise. He and his cult are so annoying that I refuse to spend money to see any of his movies. Doug considers any movie involving helicopters, submarines or airplanes, a must-see movie. Helicopters, submarines or airplanes are featured prominently in most Tom Cruise movies. Because of my aversion to funding Mr. Cruise, Doug ends up waiting for the movies to make it to television. Yesterday, Doug found a loophole in my “no money for Scientology” rule. “If I use the free Redbox rental code for Valkyrie, I won’t be spending any money on a Tom Cruise movie.” I couldn’t argue with his logic. Now, Doug’s in the basement watching Valkyrie while I get all the children jammied and in bed. I think I figured out the problem with Doug’s plan. By stubbornly refusing to watch the movie, I have deprived myself of two hours of good snuggling with Doug. I may have to re-think my whole boycotting plan.

5 thoughts on “The Redbox Loophole

  1. I commend you for standing up for what you think is wrong.

    I decided to stop getting my oil changed at the Jiffy Lube near Barnes and Noble because I noticed everytime I was there they had on Fox News. Thats fine on occasion (as was the pic of jesus on the wall, no big deal) but I realized it was on EVERY SINGLE TIME. I asked about it and the employees said their boss wouldn’t let them change it. So I have boycotted that Jiffy Lube.

    Well today I was in Rita’s, the italian ice place…and they had Fox News playing on their huge flat screen. I am hoping this isn’t a pattern because I really don’t want to boycott Rita’s, lol.

  2. Don’t know about the boycott and the loophole, but re. Valkyrie, I saw it and it was pretty good, but it seemed like a lot of it was borrowed from “Desert Fox: The Story of Rommell,” which in my opinion was a much better movie.

    Here’s the IMDB page:

  3. Really, I’m sorry but boycotting an establishment that may or may not provide quality service or merchandise based on what the manager’s political views are??? How does that help the employees trying to make an honest living that now watch your business walk away over a political statement?

    I know, I know, that’s not what this post was about.

  4. Barry – I won’t go to the A&W in LaFollette. I went in there one day when a talk show was spouting some very ugly stuff that didn’t belong in a public restaurant. I tried e-mailing and calling them to express my concern. I wouldn’t broadcast ANYTHING political in a public restaurant, but if they had returned my calls or e-mail and said that they play that show on the restaurant’s sound system between the hours of x and y, I would have just avoided them during those hours. They ignored me and I won’t go there now.

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