Best customer treatment

Between the husband’s keyboard building/collecting and the oldest child’s woodcraft hobby, the mail carrier totes packages to our door every week. Last week, the mail carrier told the youngest child that we are his best customer. The child and his father found that much funnier than I did. The youngest child expected his new school […]

Dear schools,

Please allow my children to watch the President’s speech to students on Tuesday at noon. I believe that it is important for students to be encouraged to do their best. I think that the office of President deserves respect and recognition. If my child’s class will not be watching the speech, please let me know […]

Dear Wubbzy,

The newest 4-y-o and the almost 7-y-o have a deep and abiding love for all things Wubbzy. Our first Wubbzy product was a Wubbzy beanie. The best thing about it is the flexible tail. Countless hours have been spent by ALL the members of our family making coils, angles and shapes with that tail. This […]

Sarah’s letter to Santa

Alright Stephen Colbert , you have got some ‘splaining to do. The Jeep that hasn’t moved in several years is very unlikely to be functioning by this summer. Other than that, I think Santa will get some of the things Sarah has asked for this Christmas.

Amy’s letter to Santa

The love for Santa and the desire for a Barbie whose shoes will immediately disappear seems normal for a 6-year old. The rest of the letter confuses me. The ride from Santa and the bell can be lumped together and blamed on The Polar Express. Before this letter, The Polar Express was just a Christmas […]

Christmas Cards

After a few hundred tweets of complaint, I finally have Christmas Cards ordered. Now, I just need your snail mail address. Please take a millisecond and e-mail me your address. Thank you!

Dear Tommy,

I am beyond thrilled that you are happy at school with your friends. I can see that if this college doesn’t work out, you are going to need to live away from home to be happy and functional. However, we need to talk about two things. First, let’s talk about your room. I like it […]

Dear Sarah,

Dear healthy, able-bodied, teenage daughter, If you want to go to the mall after school, please put one foot in front of the other and get yourself there instead of waiting until I drive all the way over to the school and asking for a ride to the mall. Kthxbai. Mom