you’re my favorite

We spent last weekend house sitting for a friend’s beautiful waterfront home. A weekend away from home, cute animals and deer in the front yard made it feel like a vacation. It was probably less fun for my family who had to endure the annoying whining about my knee, but they’re smart enough to ignore my bad behavior.

Evan made sure to touch every single stick in the yard surrounding the house. He climbed up and down the staircases endlessly. He fearlessly scaled the cliff that dropped off into the deep, cold water while Johnny Bartlett squeezed my heart. When Evan saw a boat in the water, he howled in terror. “Noooo!” Getting near a boat? Scary. Dancing on the side of a mountain? Fun. Evan is my favorite.

Amy wandered the house and grounds like they were a museum, ooohing and ahhhing at all the wonders. “Mom! Come look at this!” I followed her voice until I found her staring at the contents of a small table. “Isn’t this the coolest thing EVER? Why can’t we have one of these things?” I looked closer at the object of her desire. “This part is springy. What do you think it does?” “Amy, that’s a telephone.” “Wow! This is the coolest phone I’ve ever seen. When will we get phones with cords at our house?” Amy is my favorite.

Noah surveyed the half a dozen bedroom choices and announced that he would be sleeping on the deck. I dismissed the idea as much too dangerous due to bitter cold, wild animals and unknown environment. “I’ve slept in colder, more dangerous, less familiar situations with scouts and you never complained.” Ten points for Noah. Noah is my favorite.

Sarah spent the weekend doing what she does every day, doing her own thing. She is much more interested in being with her friends than hanging around the house. She’s too independent and social to play SpongeBob Memory by our bio ethanol fireplace. Even though I miss her, I’m tremendously proud of the person she has become. Sarah is my favorite.

Tommy didn’t go near the house by the water. “I don’t go to strangers’ houses.” Tommy has sorted an emotional and random world into a logical, but amusing book of rules. Sheldon Tommy is my favorite.

Doug: “Tommy’s not a B & B person.” Doug is my favorite.

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