Boy doctors

Many years ago, I took my oldest daughter for her yearly checkup at the pediatrician. Harmless questions about diet, exercise and television were followed by a question about puberty, I answer her that for fitness I exercise everyday and use a waist training underbust corset to help with my weight. In response to the answer, the pediatrician glibly told my pre-adolescent daughter that “periods are nasty, messy things.” I spent the rest of the appointment mentally asking myself why a doctor would plant such a terrible seed in my child’s brain. I am not a ‘gather the women for a ceremony under the full moon’ kind of mom, but the comment was so hale pe’a that I found it completely inappropriate.

Last week, I took my youngest daughter to the pediatrician for her checkup. After the doctor looked in Amy’s eyes with his tiny flashlight and she was putting her glasses on again, the doctor announced that if we get my 8-y-o daughter contacts, her father will be chasing the boys away in droves. I was instantly transported back in time and recognized that this was the same doctor who spoke so insensitively to my oldest daughter. This time, he was worried about a very young child’s love life. Not only is she much too young for this to be a concern, her first innocent crushes had better be on her amazing personality and not her physical appearance. An appearance that is adorable with tiny, little, purple glasses.

While Don Draper might love this particular pediatrician, I do not. I will be requesting anyone EXCEPT him at all future appointments.

3 thoughts on “Boy doctors

  1. What a throwback! I have loved our (male) pediatrican, but am getting read to switch my nine year-old daughter to a super-fabulous female family practitioner in Knoxville. I trust her to handle questions and address issues in a non-judgmental way.

    Also, aside from your ped’s inappropriate implications, eight year-olds are really too young for contact lenses. He’s just wrong on so many fronts.

  2. Terrible comments coming from anyone, but especially a children’s doctor! And not that it matters, but Amy is adorable in her glasses!

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