leaving on a jet plane

In a month, we are taking the youngest children on a mini-adventure. The part of the adventure they can’t stop talking about is their first ride in an airplane. As with all things that involve children, there is much behind the scenes planning involved. I’m not an experienced flier, but I think I have the airplane part of the trip mentally organized.

I want to arrive at the airport early enough to let the children watch other people go through security and answer any questions they have before we get in the security line. I’ll dress the children and I in slip-on shoes. I might wear a wireless bra even if it means risking my boobs falling on the ground and getting lost in the airport. The children and I will empty our pockets into the luggage that we are checking and there will be no teeny-tiny toys, toys that roll when dropped or toys without volume control allowed. Everyone will visit the potty just before we enter the security area. Going through security, one parent will be at each end and the children will remain between us.

Doug is planning too. He wants to wear cargo pants and a SeV so that he can carry the Kindle, iPhone, DSi, extra batteries, power cords, tripod, juggling balls, sunglasses, tickets, fidget toys and everything that he usually carries in his manbag (It’s a purse). That will leave his hands free to carry children in crowds.

After pondering Doug’s plan, I have decided that I will be at the front of our family parade and Doug will be the caboose. He can catch a later flight when he finally makes it through security.

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