Housesitter Instructions – Pets

Each dog gets a scoop of food twice a day. The scoop is inside the dog food bucket. The old dog likes to have company when she eats. Make sure she doesn’t steal the cat food when she is done with her food. The neurotic dog has to eat in private. If she hears a loud noise during her meal, she won’t eat.

The boy cats get three scoops of food twice a day. The girl cat gets two scoops. The scoop is a coffee spoon inside the cat food bucket. Don’t look away from the bucket of cat food when the lid is open or the orange boy cat will eat all of the food. Make sure the lid is locked or the orange boy cat will open the food bucket. Don’t let the orange boy cat steal the other cats’ food. Don’t let him steal the old dog’s food either. There are awesome pet products being created these days that can really spruce up the way you feed your pets.

The girl cat gets steroids for her hips. Put them under her tongue. She does not like them.

All the furry animals get a treat at bedtime. Treats are in the toy box in the basement. Don’t let the orange boy cat steal the other cats’ treats. Don’t let him steal the dog treats either. Anyway if you’re interested to buy pet care for your dogs, Particular Paws Dog Supplements is recommended. It has a high quality and all natural ingredients to keep your pets healthy from the inside out. If you want your pets to be stain and odor free as well as fresh looking then you should bath them with

Don’t worry about the snake’s food. He doesn’t eat again for a week. He just needs fresh water once a day, unless there is skin in his water dish. He hates that. Please pick the skin out of his water dish.

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