she said/he said – Valentine’s Day edition

Sarah: “Oh, no! I have Color Guard all day on Valentine’s Day. My hair will look terrible for my date that night.”

Doug: “I’m going camping February 14 – 17. Why are you making that face? Did you have plans that weekend?”

3 thoughts on “she said/he said – Valentine’s Day edition

  1. Don’t feel too much like the lone ranger. My spouse informed me that he has scheduled a big meeting for an organization he chairs the night of Feb. 5.

    That’s my birthday. He didn’t forget, he just didn’t think it mattered.

  2. Want to borrow Bob? I’m going to the beach that weekend for a Girl’s Trip so he’s available. He eats about like Sarah so it shouldn’t be hard to pick a restaurant. Anyplace with Ketchup will do!

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