Prom 2009

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Yes, I know everyone is sick of hearing about the prom, but it’s been the topic of almost every conversation in our house for weeks and weeks. The dress couldn’t have sleeves, but it had to have straps. Long dresses were “too dressy” and it didn’t matter what the weather forecast was, shawls were for “old ladies.” Eye shadow only, but all five ear piercings had to coordinate. “I’m just going to straighten my hair” became, “Can you make my hair look like this?” “I want to eat at Chic-fil-a” negotiations changed dinner to PF Chang’s. Half a dozen mom phone calls, several lectures, 3 promises and one embarrassing photo opportunity later, they are at the prom. Their first prom. My first prom. Now, I sit at home and do what? Stare at my phone so I don’t miss any calls? Monitor the police scanners? I’ll go with my regular Saturday night routine and wash dishes. With the phone in my pocket.
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