waffles or pancakes

I’ve been mopey all day without the dog show to distract me from bus drivers, teachers, class rings, teenagers, money, holidays, pantries, Girl Scouts, construction, crazy people, bills, dirt and cars. Tonight, Sarah posted something that just made me laugh out loud. For the record, we have never said an unkind word about her pancakes. I guess her first job should be at IHOP.

Yes, I read my children’s blogs.

2 thoughts on “waffles or pancakes

  1. I would totally screw with her world, since I makes “Pancakes” in a Mickey Mouse “Waffle” Machine. So the question becomes, is it a Pancake or a Waffle? Then throw in the lack of grid lines, and the whole trauma really gets blown up! 🙂

    Now… as for the taste of Grease… either somebody is using way to much grease in the Skillet, or your stuff is expired… ew! 😉

    IHOP does have good pancakes though.

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