If no crib, then no sleep.

arm up, look right
We kept Evan caged in his crib for longer than any other child. I say caged because the crib had a mesh tent on top to stop the climbing out in the middle of the night that started when Evan was barely walking. I say had a tent because Evan ripped that tent to shreds. I need to quit saying I say. Without the tent, the crib was useless. Saturday night, we disassembled the crib and dragged out the old toddler bed. It is now Monday night. Evan has not fallen asleep in that little bed one single time. He jumps on it. He plays in it. He says “all done, awake now” repeatedly. He just doesn’t sleep in it unless he falls asleep elsewhere and we carry him to the bed. The only way he will sleep now is with his big sister. The problem with this method is that his sister is a teenager who is frequently out very late and almost as frequently, sleeping over at her best friend’s house. Unless someone in East Tennessee takes the crib, I am considering reassembling it and putting it over Evan, upside down. When Evan doesn’t sleep, nobody sleeps. We need sleep!

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