household mysteries #162

Every morning after the children are on their way to their respective schools, I walk around the house cleaning up the evidence of the morning chaos. Most of my time is spent putting the bathroom back together. Twice as many toothbrushes as there are people in the family are scattered all over the counter top and floor. Multiple strings of floss are on the floor all around, but never inside of, the trashcan. Capless tubes of toothpaste are scattered about the room and their contents are found in places that defy explanation. Seriously. If toothpaste is so wonderful, why aren’t my bathroom walls, ceiling, floor, cabinets, sink, bathtub, mirror AND toilet immaculate? So, every morning, I put the dental supplies back in their assigned places.

Every evening, the children are sent to the bathroom to brush their teeth for the evening. Without fail, one child will have no toothbrush to be found anywhere. Only one toothpaste will be in the room and two children will complain because they don’t like the flavor of that one. Floss? What floss?

Does Hermes visit our bathroom and hide things? Maybe it’s the Bumble.

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