Is that something shiny?

Sometimes, I wonder if our School Board and/or Superintendent suggest changes like school uniforms, the start date of school and the start time of school, just to distract everyone. Maybe they do these things to give the illusion that parents’ input is considered in our school system. Maybe it’s the only way they can get parents to attend meetings. I don’t know. I have an opinion on these issues, but I don’t feel like grabbing torches and pitchforks over them. I would prefer to be in an uproar about all the teachers cut from next year’s budget, eliminating programs that help at-risk students succeed or the need for full-service, community schools. Choosing my battles is the phrase that comes to mind, except I don’t want to fight. Aren’t we on the same team? Don’t we all want whatever is best for students?

7 thoughts on “Is that something shiny?

  1. It always amazes me when people show up to voice their concerns as IF the school board actually listens (or cares). We all know that the meetings are simply a ploy.

  2. Ha ha Barry! Unfortunately I am a but a mere teacher/mom and not at all interested in being in public office. I have voiced my opinions to my school board members throughout the years, and I DO vote. I do resent my school board member telling me to my face that he/she would vote ONE way and watching them vote completely opposite. I do not like lip service.

  3. My question is if they are cutting teaching postitions, are the student numbers dropping? Aren’t there state and/or federal ratios that must be met? And, I think Barry’s question may have been directed at Cathy!

  4. OHHHH my mistake! I think Cathy should definitely investigate running for school board! Andrea the numbers did not drop. I know one school that did drop numbers significantly, but because of the new HVAC. There are state mandates regarding class size/ratio that must be met. In high school vocational classes (for instance) a teacher cannot have more than 25 pupils per class, but no more than 60 total per day. Therefore if one class has 25 the other classes must be lower. In “academic” classes the ratio’s are much higher unfortunately. However, there are classes in every school that consistently have low numbers, and hopefully it was those positions that were cut. Maybe someone else can answer ratio questions for the elementary and middle school levels.

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