propositioning the wrong person

The three youngest children were tucked safely in their beds, so I went hunting looking for Doug. I walked in our bedroom and heard rustling in the closet. I walked toward the closet and said in my very best Dr. Girlfriend voice, “We’ve got 15 minutes alone. Wanna fool around?” I reached the doorway as the last syllable left my lips and stared deeply in the eyes . . . of the teenager who was raiding my closet. I mumbled something about thinking I was talking to Doug and ran upstairs as quickly as I could, to blog the conversation.

2 thoughts on “propositioning the wrong person

  1. I’m mortified -for- you.

    One time my son had a friend over to spend the night. He told me he was going to the mall that evening and I assumed that meant his friend would go to. When my boyfriend came home, we “fooled around,” probably not very quietly or discreetly. My son called a bit later and said something about his friend not being with him…his friend had stayed behind to play xbox and had been there, in my sons room on other end of the house, the whole time.

    I don’t know what he heard, if anything, but I wasn’t gonna ask either.

  2. I was mortified for me and for my child. I think Doug and I might have to try submarine races on the driveway, just to get privacy.

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