boy quotes

Tommy: “Some girl on campus walked up to me and said I look like a gamer.”
Me: “What did you say to her?”
Tommy: “I thanked her.”

Noah: “Do speedometers have negative numbers when cars are driving in reverse?”
Me: “You are either moving or you are still. Speed is not directional.”
Noah: “I just mean that it’s negative 30 miles per hour if you’re going backwards and does that show on the dashboard or do you just know it?”
Me: explain, explain, explain
Noah: “I don’t think you understood my question.”

Evan: “I had a red light at school today.”
Me: “Why did you have a red light?”
Evan: “Cause I didn’t do anything good.”
Me: “What did you do that was bad?”
Evan: “I skipped instead of walking.”

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