Last night This morning, I went upstairs at five to give the kittens their bottles. SuperTween was in the bathroom giving herself a manicure.
“It’s five in the morning. Why are you awake?”
I don’t know why I announced the time. SuperTween was inches from a clock. She knew the time. It was equally unnecessary to ask what she was doing when there was an open bottle of nail polish in her hands. Clearly it was ME who had no place being up at that hour of the day.
“I had to get up early or my nails wouldn’t be dry when I shower and fix my hair. I can’t do my hair with wet nails.”
At five in the morning, this sounded completely logical to me. In retrospect, we should have talked about sleep and food being more important than appearance. I could have offered to paint her nails after school.
“Oh, cool.”

This is why tween and teen girl outfits for the next day must be approved before bedtime. At five in the morning, they could get away with wearing a swimsuit and helmet out the door.

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