method to my holiday madness

Dear relatives who have finished all of your Christmas shopping except for my children, I will send you the requested list of ideas. Making that list requires that I first plan our shopping list. Before I can sit down and plan all that shopping, I have to plan our Christmas Card picture. Deciding that picture […]

Christmas wish list for bloggers

In no particular order, I wish: KA could see in the mirror the beauty that everyone sees when they look at her. MW would get the job of her dreams. TS could be with her two and four legged loved ones together under one roof. P and her family to have a happy, healthy new […]

A song by Amy

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, “a sister who loves me.” On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, “two Germend Sheperds.” On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, “three loving brothers.” On the fourth day of Christmas, my true […]

failure to communicate

Amy spent the entire morning drawing pictures and writing love notes to the shelf elf. “He’s going to take them all back to the North Pole tonight.” I suggested that the elf had plenty and perhaps she should do art for other people. “I’m going to make enough pictures for the shelf elf to take […]

letters to Santa 2009

Despite my attempts to avoid letters to Santa this year, Amy took it upon herself to leave notes out from herself and Evan. Evan’s is fairly easy, although I am perplexed why a child who has never seen a batman movie or cartoon would suddenly focus on Batman. Figurines are priced and built for adults, […]

Christmas Movie Marathon

While watching the Rankin/Bass channel aka ABC Family this week, I started mentally composing a list of my favorite Christmas movies. In no particular order, I like to wrap, craft and snuggle while watching: Elf The Santa Claus 1 & 2 (not 3) Die Hard A Christmas Story Mixed Nuts Fitzwilly While You Were Sleeping […]

good idea at the time

After seeing the umpteenth car with reindeer antlers, I suggested that we Griswald our van with an old, ratty, artificial tree. What Doug heard me say, was “Decorate the car for the crazy wife.” What he should have heard, was “Let’s weigh down the mileage on the car with bald tires and broken tie rods.” […]