Games Knoxvillians Play – #5

“Pick on Farragut”

Objective: Blame Farragut for anything you don’t like about Knoxville.
Examples: “Farragut caused urban sprawl.”
“Farragut made the downtown a service center for the homeless.”
“Farragut caused my child to be zoned out of the school in our neighborhood.”
How to play: Whenever possible, toss out verbal daggers that criticize Farragut. Counter the criticism with praise for downtown. Bonus points if you use the words “my historic neighborhood,” “walkability” or “destroyed wetlands.” In order to play this game well, you must know the home zip code of every local politician, celebrity and developer.
If you live in Farragut: You respond to this game with comments about paying more taxes than the rest of Knoxville or wide-eyed innocence.
How to win: There is no winner. The only way to win is not to play.

2 thoughts on “Games Knoxvillians Play – #5

  1. and of course we are all fabulously wealthy in Farragut…only problem is no one told my bank account where to find all this money

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