duct tape is not a foundation garment

Sarah’s color guard costume last year had some problems. First, the teacher didn’t want any clear bra straps or underwear lines, so the girls went extreme commando. Then, the teacher complained about noticing when the girls were cold. The improvised solution was a band of duct tape acting as a strapless bra. Parents were less than pleased. The color guard girls come in all sizes and some of the girls were just too jiggly and unsupported. This year’s solution was a unitard under the costumes. The girls look better and the parents are happier. Win-Win.

Homecoming is this weekend and Sarah picked out a cute, but backless dress. Her solution? Duct tape. I can’t believe I complained until I got to go bra shopping with a 15-year-old. It only took 2 hours of trying them on, but she found a solution that is NOT a flower shaped pasty. I thought strippers had to special order that stuff, but there it sits in the regular people store. Sarah is now very excited about her outfit for homecoming. Want to see it? She’s going to be wearing it for the cocktail party at BlogHer. I’ll be wearing duct tape.

One thought on “duct tape is not a foundation garment

  1. Well, you’ll be the hit of the party! I can see you’ve raised the bar with that idea… gotta locate my Stripper Heels and a witch hat. Oh, and a monkey, the outfit won’t be complete without a monkey!

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