Greek food wins every time

After a month away at school, Tommy is finally coming home for the weekend. Not to see us, but to visit Greekfest. He doesn’t care about the church service, the dancing, the music, the outfits or the people. He only wants to eat the delicious food. I like everything about Greekfest, but there’s no denying that the food is the best part of the weekend. They should just call it “Eat till you sleep fest.” The recipes are happily shared. I just can’t replicate them. It’s a shame to have to eat a year’s worth of Greek pastry in one day, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

2 thoughts on “Greek food wins every time

  1. We had our Greek festival a month ago. We were there three days in a row for setup, one day working the pastry booth/food line, and one evening I just went in as a customer. I’m still trying to lose that weight. Ahhh that was GOOD. May I recommend the Metaxa shots, to you of course, not Tommy.

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