is it done yet?

“Evan needs to go potty. Quick!”
Doug scooped up a naked 3-year-old and carried him to the bathroom.
“Don’t move!”
Doug raced from the bathroom to find me with a Christmas tree light embedded in my heel.
Amy and Noah appeared in the broken glass zone to watch the blood drip from my foot.
“Amy and Noah get back until the glass is cleaned. Cathy, sit down and quit picking at it.”
Doug wiped up the broken glass and began picking glass from my foot as a naked 3-year-old ran around the living room.
“Kwis-mas Twee! Kwis-mas Twee! Kwis-mas Twee!”
Noah stumbled to the bathroom with his hand under his nose, blood pouring from his nostril.
“Noah’s nose is bleeding! Ewww.”
“Pinch the bridge Noah.”
“This band-aid is too small for your foot.”
“It’s just until it quits bleeding. It’s fine.”
“Is the tree done yet?”

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