do I have a fever?

When I feel sick, I whine a lot and ask Doug to feel my forehead. “Do I feel hot?” His answer is always no. I whimper and explain that my temperature is below normal when I’m healthy, so a normal forehead must mean I have a fever. Doug never, ever buys into my sickness induced craziness. I am the only person in the world who actually hopes for a fever when they are sick. It’s hard to get sympathy when you can’t run a fever.

2 thoughts on “do I have a fever?

  1. Sorry you are feeling poorly. Doug gets his sympathy from his dad. If I lay down during the day, I have to sneek it. The table is turned today. Dad fell taking out the trash last eve and did something to his wrist. K had to drive him to the ER and he got splinted for a wrist fracture and a referral to a sports med. He sees this doc at 2:45 today. Update later.

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