dramatic pauses included

The 4-y-o dressed himself in his favorite jeans and his favorite shirt. He went through a series of odd poses as he studied the clothing on his tiny frame. “Mom?” “What?” “I . . . look . . . awesome.” “Yes, you do.” “I . . . am a cool dude.”

We have entered the beautiful season when the siren song of the outdoors has the young and old wandering about in a dreamy haze. Because I’m a mean mom who won’t allow the 7-year-old to wear summer clothes to school yet, Amy races inside after school and changes into last year’s too small shorts and tees as though long sleeves are suffocating her. She emerges from her cocoon of well fitting winter clothes chirping cheerfully. “Evan! How can you stand to wear long sleeves and long pants? Want me to bring you better clothes?” “No.” “But, you look hot.” “No. I . . . look . . . awesome.”

Every household needs a mini Shatner.

2 thoughts on “dramatic pauses included

  1. Yep. Em acts as if long pants and t-shirts are KILLING her. I agreed to let her wear capris on warmer days, but when she pulled out the tank tops and flip flops I drew the line.

    And Evan…most definitely. I love that kid.

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