obligatory 2009 post

Instead of the “eat healthy, exercise daily, lose weight” lie, I have a “to do” list for 2009. In no particular order, my year is beginning with me:

  • learning a new skill – which is scary, because I’m an old dog who may not be able to learn a new trick, especially with the whole world all of Knoxville watching me learn.
  • moving the boys into different bedrooms – a chaotic and messy process that will please Noah, disorient Tommy and get Evan out of our bedroom.
  • micromanaging the college student – since he treated his first semester at school like a very expensive summer camp.
  • sending things that we don’t USE to Goodwill – because someone who needs the stuff using it is much better than it taking up space just in case we might need it someday.
  • potty training Evan – unless someone wants to come over and do it for me, cause I have tried everything and nothing has worked yet.

3 thoughts on “obligatory 2009 post

  1. My list of things to do for 2009 starts with “replace stove” and “paint inside of house”. I’m not big on NY resolutions either.

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