Wanna take a baaaaath?

Friday night, Evan snuck a paperback book into the bathtub. The result was the reverse of a paper mache experiment. Saturday morning I cleaned out the mountain of paper scraps so that Sarah could take a 2-hour bath to get ready for prom. I had time for a 10 minute bath before taking Sarah on prom errands. Saturday night, Doug went to a sweat. Doug came home after midnight and took a bath. Sunday morning, I hopped in the bath for a casual weekend soak and learned too late that the entire bottom of the tub was a layer of sand from the ground at Doug’s sweat. Blech. I rinsed off, scrubbed the tub and decided to try a bath Sunday night after the children were asleep. Sunday, Noah came home from a weekend camping trip. He went in to take a bath before he went to bed. Later Sunday night, I went in the bathroom to make a second attempt at a bath only to be greeted by an inchworm who didn’t survive Noah’s bath. Yuck. I skipped the bath. Sarah had prom on Saturday night and slept most of Sunday. Monday morning, she bathed before school. I went in to bathe after all of the children were at school for the day. The bathtub sparkled and twinkled. Not because it was clean, but because it had glitter all over it. Ew. If it wasn’t thundering and lightning outside, I would take soap outside and bathe in the rain. It’s cleaner outside.

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